Fight for Space (2017) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Fight for Space Movie is composed by Ron Jones. Here is track listing of all songs from Fight for Space film –

Fight for Space Soundtrack

1. First Sketches and Themes

2. The Universe Awaits

3. The Greatest Possibilities

4. Progress and Fear

5. Why Aren’t We There Yet?

6. The Letter That Killed Space

7. Chaos Never Stopped Us

8. Rocket and Budgets to Nowhere

9. Messy Politics of Space

10. First Homes Off Earth

11. The Hope Killers

12. Earthrise

13. The Spin Offs

14. Moving a Nation

15. Cold War Fears

16. Space Calls Us

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of Fight for Space is now available on Amazon and iTunes.