Free Fire (2017) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Free Fire Movie is composed by Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow. Here is track listing of all songs from Free Fire film –

Free Fire Soundtrack

1. This Old Guitar by John Denver

2. Justine’s Theme

3. A John Denver Story

4. Annie’s Song by John Denver

5. Where Do You Think You Are Going Little Harry

6. Oh Fuck

7. Aiming for The Nose

8. Leary

9. That’s Why I Appreciate the Arts

10. We Can Not All Be Nice Girls

11. Poke Him in The Eye

12. Lead Lobotomy

13. So Thats What a Fucking Brain Looks Like

14. Crawl Chase

15. Watch and Vern

16. The Phone Rings

17. Free Firing Gunshot Solo

18. Good to Go

19. Snipers

20. Will Everbody Calm the Fuck Down

21. Martin Shot

22. Mostly The Suit

23. First Shot

24. Suck on This

25. Stevo Apologises

26. Steven’s Been Reprimanded

27. Harlequins Reunion

28. Nice Teeth

29. Money Count

30. Gorgeous as Ever

31. Come Out

32. Vern

33. Raw Onions

34. Run Through the Jungle

35. Step Into My Office

36. Docks Beat

37. This Is Ord

38. Sledgehammer Cracks Nut

39. I am I.I.F.M

40. Do The Boob

41. Where We Going?

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of Free Fire is now available on Amazon and iTunes.