Lap Dance (2014) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Lap Dance Movie is composed by Various Artists. Here is track listing of all songs from Lap Dance film –

Lap Dance Soundtrack

1. The Wordy Song by D. Carpenter, N Sanchez and Dave Way

2. Standing beside You by Jill Knight

3. Touch Me Now by Lexi Cruz

4. I Surrender by D. Carpenter, N. Sanchez and Dave Way

5. The Long Way by D. Willz

6. Fav Stripper by David J Carpenter and Leonard Bunn

7. Hustler Interntionz by D.Willz

8. Loneliness by Jill Knight

9. Shawty What You Workin Wit by D. Willz

10. Will Not Let You Down by D.Willz

11. Love Me Some Me by Amon Flanagan, Keith Robinson and Christopher Carpent

12. B.U.T.M.U by Evan Palmer, Bibby Smith Jr and Christopher Carpenter

13. Up and Down by Low Blow

14. Joseph by Jill Knight

15. The End by Brianna Lee and Josh Barrett

16. Heat of The Moment by Bobby Smith Jr, Christopher Carpenter and Amon Flanagan

17. Skandier is Song by David Carpenter and Jason Feddy

18. Black Nova by Evan Palmer

19. Emotional Rollercoaster by Seefor Yourself

20. Cry My Heart Out by Thomas Osby Bird

21. Stages by Keith Robinson

22. Bachelorette Party by Seefor Yourself

23. Blue Dream by Jay Coop

24. Break Up To Make Up by Seefore Yourself

25. Feels Goood by Shelene Thomas

26. Silhouette by Seefor Yourself

27. So Bossy by The Outskertz

28. Throw It Back by The Outskertz

29. Heat of The Moment by Seefor Yourself

30. Ball Out by Endless

31. Everything is Yes by Low Blow

32. Eyes Wide Shut by Cierra Denise Carter

33. Working Girl by Seefor Yourself

34. Just Kissed by Keith Robinson

35. No Apology by Ezra Henderson

36. Press Go by Low Blow

37. I Want Some by Big Tree

38. Take It Home by Low Blow

39. The One by Keith Robinson

40. Mango Street by D. Carpenter, N. Sanchez and Dace Way

41. I Got U Where I Want You by Michelle Christine Mai

42. Anything You Want by Jason Feddy

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