London Has Fallen (2016) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of London Has Fallen Movie is composed by Trevor Morris. Here is track listing of all songs from London Has Fallen film –

London Has Fallen Soundtrack

1. End Titles

2. Resignation Letter

3. Reciprocity

4. Traitor

5. I Hate Funerals

6. Let us Get Outta Here

7. Hand Fight and Hand Grenade

8. Rescuing Asher

9. Right under Our Noses

10. Do Not Jinx Me

11. I am Not Going To Die on Youtube

12. How Bad Is It?

13. Not Much of a Talker

14. Jacobs Death

15. Marine One Crash

16. London Goes Dark

17. London Attacked

18. Motorcade

19. President Arrives In The UK

20. Scotland yard

21. Nursery

22. Bourbon and Poor Choices

23. Spotting Barkawi

24. London Has Fallen

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