StreetDance 3D (2010) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of StreetDance 3D Movie is composed by N-Dubz. Here is track listing of all songs from StreetDance 3D film –

StreetDance 3D Soundtrack

1. U love your sneakers by Nick Bridges featuring Chipmunk

2. Let’s dance by LP and JC

3. 11-7 (carnival party time) by Pete Campbell

4. Bandanna’s on by Rude kid

5. Krump by Minkey J

6. Floride by Mikey J

7. Ultimo techno and matrix by Garfield Cat Fletcher

8. Act 3: interlude by Sergei Prokofiev

9. Spaceride by Mikey J

10. Dirty by Harmony David Samuels

11. Take it low by Harmony David Samuels

12. Ethnic by Mikey J

13. Sugar baby by Harmony David Samuels

14. Dance of the knights and balcony scene by Sergi Prokofiev

15. We dance on by N Dubz and Bodyrox

16. Grand finale (dance of the knights by FilMharmonic Orchestra Prague and Mikey

17. The humblest start by LP and JC

18. Champion by Clement Marfo and the Frontline

19. Tiny dancer by DJ Ironik featuring Chipmunk and Elton John

20. Life is beautiful by Vega4

21. The club battle by LP and JC featuring Skibadee, MC Def Chrome and Blemish

22. Pass out by Tinie Tempah

23. Get sexy by Sugababes

24. Champion sound by Fat Boy Slim

25. Strong again by N Dubz

26. Live for the moment by Pixie Lott

27. Going out tonight by Lethal Bizzle

28. Wearing my rolex by Wiley

29. One in a million by Swiss featuring Music Kidz

30. Kf2 by Mikey J

31. Broken by McLean

32. Work it out by Lightbulb Thieves

33. Cash in my pockets by Wiley

34. Candy by Aggros Santos featuring Kimberly Wyatt

35. Breathe by Garfield Cat Fletcher

36. Beggin by Madcon

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of StreetDance 3D is now available on Amazon and iTunes.