The Black Prince (2017) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of The Black Prince Movie is composed by George Kallis. Here is track listing of all songs from The Black Prince film –

The Black Prince Soundtrack

1. Bonus Track: Audio Commentary by George Kallis

2. Death and Coronation

3. The Sword of the Maharaja

4. My Childhood

5. Rest in Peace Bamba

6. Assassination Attempt

7. Travelling to Paris

8. Marriage Proposal

9. Letters Intercepted

10. I Am Not a Prince

11. Treason

12. First Meeting

13. Dr. Logan Passes

14. The Bird

15. The Prophecy

16. I Know Your Destiny

17. Back to England

18. No Passage to Punjab

19. Arur Singh Captured

20. Mother

21. Holland Park

22. The Painting

23. First Trip to India

24. Opening Titles

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