Savannah (2013) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Savannah Movie is composed by Gil Talmi. Here is track listing of all songs from Savannah film –

Savannah Soundtrack

1. A Painful Past featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor

2. There is Some Meaning In It

3. So Be It

4. Time and Tide

5. Resistance

6. A Painful Past

7. Losing Lucy

8. Broken

9. What If It is Girl?

10. 15 Paces

11. Scallion Jack

12. The Pen, Opus 2

13. The Pen, Opus 1

14. The Gift

15. Solitude

16. Your World Am Not Mine

17. It Will Be Our Secret

18. What Would You Have Me Do?

19. A Way of Life

20. Floating On a Sea of Stars

21. Kindred Spirits

22. At First Sight

23. Love, In The Making

24. We Shape Everything

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of Savannah is now available on Amazon and iTunes.