30 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 60 in 2017

Best Hairstyles for Old Women

Age is just a number. This was a famous quote from William Shakespeare but looks like our modern fashion world has proved this quote a real life factor. It is not a hidden fact that celebrities tend to go for operations and even life threatening surgeries just to look young and beautiful. In today’s world it is hard to spot a celebrity who has not gone under the knife. Almost every other famous celebrity had a operation of one kind or another. Be it a lip surgery or implants. Obviously normal person like me and you can not afford such costly surgeries but it doesn’t mean that we can not look young and beautiful. There are certain ways that you can follow to hide your age. One among them is hairstyle. You can surely follow unique and beautiful hairstyles that will certainly make you look younger than your actual age. A good tip will be to keep your hairs medium instead of long hairs or short hairs. This is because hair fall is a common problem in old age and it is quiet possible that you will be suffering from this problem already (if you are above 50 or so). With Long hairs you will have more chances of hair fall and short hairs wont look good as well. So i would suggest you to opt for a medium hairstyle. Here are 30 best hairstyles for women over 60 years:

1. Catherine Deneuve – Classic shoulder length layered hairstyleOver 60 Hairstyles

2. Kim Novak – Best curls with messy short haircutOver 60 Hairstyles

3. Sophia Loren – Trendy curly hair ideas. This is the Perfect and Best LookOver 60 Hairstyles

4. Joanne Woodward – Blonde short bob haircut in 2017Over 60 Hairstyles

5. Julie Christie – Elegant short curls hair lookOver 60 Hairstyles

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