30 Fabulous Acrylic Nail Art Designs and Ideas 2017

Acrylic Nail Ideas and Designs

Its not a hidden fact that most celebrities and fashion icons tends to wear artificial nails on special occasions and events. Acrylic nails are in fashion since the 80s and the craze for them have tremendously increased in the last 30 years. If you’re going for a christmas party or at a marriage ceremony then its a good idea to try acrylic nails. It doesn’t matter if you have long nails or short nails. You can try a good acrylic nail art design to give a beautiful look to your nails and hands as well. Most acrylic nail art designs involve the use of chemical Polymethyl methacrylate acrylics which is not harmful. So before buying your own acrylic nail art kit you must read about what it is made from and if it poses any danger to your skin or nails. Doing acrylic nails could be a tough task for the beginners so it is advised that you go to a popular beauty saloon or nail stylist that can do it for you. Many people have habit of biting nails or scratching things and if you are one among them then you might not be having good shaped nails. But you dont have to worry as acrylic nails will cover up them for you. Moreover Acrylic nails is a good idea for those with extra slim or extra fat fingers. They will give perfect shape to your nails. However Acrylic nails do poses one risk. if used for long times they may give pain to your fingers. Plus if they are not fitted properly then they can damage your natural nails. Here are 30 beautiful pictures of acrylic nails

1. Beautiful and Simple Dark Red Acrylic Nail ArtAcrylic Nail Art

2. Amazing Acrylic Nail Art DesignAcrylic Nail Art

3. Fanciful Inspiring Cute Pink Color with Flowers Design Acrylic Nail ArtAcrylic Nail Art

4. Brilliant Design White Acrylic Nail Art IdeasAcrylic Nail Art

5. White and Black Sweet and Simple Acrylic Nail Art For WomenAcrylic Nail Art

6. Glorious Beard (Mustache) Look Acrylic Nail Art DesignAcrylic Nail Art

7. Neon Acrylic Colored Paint Nail Art DesignAcrylic Nail Art

8. Awesome Stunning Acrylic Nail Art LookAcrylic Nail Art

9. Black and White With Small Star Acrylic Nail Art TrendAcrylic Nail Art

10. Pink and Black Liner Acrylic Nail Art DesignsAcrylic Nail Art

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