30 Long Hairstyles Ideas For Men 2017

Long Hairstyle Ideas For Men

Is Long Hairstyle Still in fashion? If you’re an Asgardian (Thor Or Loki) then surely it is. Long hairstyle doesn’t look cool on everybody. Long hairs require more care and are more prone to hair fall. So if you’re planning for a long hairstyle make sure that you’re pretty determined to take care of your hair. Yeah back in 80s Long Hairstyle was the part of mainstream fashion but its been 3 decades since the 80s. 3 decades are too much for the change in fashion style and you can find that a lot of things has changed in hairstyles too. Those who have liked long hairstyles and wanted to wear one have opted for medium to long hairstyle instead. But still if you’re considering long hairstyle as an option then you might want to have the best looking long hairstyle. There are many long hairstyle that you can wear like the curly long hairstyle or the ponytail long hairstyle or the straight long hairstyle. One of the most popular long hairstyle that is in fashion these days is the one that was wore by Brad Pitt in the film World War Z. But from time to time many celebrities has wore long hairstyles and they actually looked very cool. we have handpicked pictures of such celebrities who made long hairstyle look really awesome. We tried to include almost all long hairstyle. So have a look on these 30 long hairstyles that were made popular by different celebrities:

1. Taylor Kitsch Long Casual HairstyleLong Hairstyles For Men

2. Daniel Radcliffe Awesome Stylish Curls Long HairstyleLong Hairstyles For Men

3. Chris Hemsworth Long Shaggy Blond HairstyleLong Hairstyles For Men

4. Logan Lerman Beautiful Long Wavy HairstyleLong Hairstyles For Men

5. Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) Braided and Long Dreadlocks Long HairstyleLong Hairstyles For Men