30 Top Medium Hairstyles Look for Men in 2017

Best Medium Hairstyle for Men 2017

Medium hairstyle haven’t lost its touch since the Victorian era. It doesn’t matter if you’ve brown hair, black hair or if you’re blonde you must try medium hairstyle at least once in your life. When it comes to hairstyle flexibility women have more options as compared to men. But medium hairstyle is one of the most popular haircut among men around the globe. If you’ve silky smooth hairs then you can freely opt for medium hairstyle. If you’ve two faced hair or thin hairs then medium hairstyle need be wore with a little precautions. In medium hairstyle you usually have hairs below the neck behind back and covering almost forehead in the front. You can have layered hairs on your ears or you can completely shave off hairs on the side and giving a medium buzz haircut. This hairstyle is very popular now a days but you must have thick hairs for it. If you’ve a square or long face then medium hairstyle will look best upon you and i would highly recommend you to wear it most of the year. However if you have oval face or short face then you should try short hairstyle. You obviously can try medium hairstyle but this should not be your usual hairstyle. Here are 30 most beautiful medium hairstyle for men that are in trend in 2017:

1. Dashing Personality Most Popular Football Player David Beckham Simple Slicked-Back Medium Hairstyle.Men Medium Hairstyles

2. Bradley Cooper Cool Messy Medium Hairstyle For Men.Men Medium Hairstyles

3. Chris Hemsworth Oval and Square Face Shape with Straight Side Part Medium Haircut Look.Men Medium Hairstyles

4. Johnny Depp Best Curly Medium Hair with French Beard Look.Men Medium Hairstyles

5. Avan Jogia Teenage Boy Medium Straight and Wavy Hairstyles.Men Medium Hairstyles

6. Brad Pitt Medium Thick Slicked Back Hairstyle Ideas. Men Medium Hairstyles

7. Colin Farrell Heavy Hair with Wavy Medium Hairstyle Look.Men Medium Hairstyles

8. Jared Leto Triangular Face Shape with Stylish Spiked Medium Hairstyle.Men Medium Hairstyles

9. Keith Urban Straigth Medium Haircut Ideas For Men. This is the Top Straight Hairstyles Look for Men.Men Medium Hairstyles

10. This Hair Look Robert Pattinson Short to Medium Messy Hairstyles.Men Medium Hairstyles

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