35 Best Nail Polish Brands of All Time 2017

Best Nail Polish Brands

Do You know that the nail polish industry has grew with a rapid rate of 32% last year? Though the fashion of nail painting is as old as 3000 BC but the love for nail polish is still at peak. Nail Polish companies make billions of dollars every year from this business. The nail art culture originated in China where royal families used to paint their nails golden and silver. Soon the fashion was followed by normal people too but they were not allowed to use the royal colors. Centuries passed by, generation came and gone but the popularity of nail art never faded out. With the boom in fashion industry in the early 19th century the nail art revolution also grew rapidly. From young girls to married women every other girl was trying nail polish of different styles and colors. The nail polish color was now not limited to solid colors but also transitioned into sparkling colors and platelets. Even though Nail polish is must for fashion but one must not forget that it has health related issues too. Deadly diseases like cancer are often caused by poor choice of nail polish brands. It is must that you have knowledge of best nail polish brands that are not only fashionable but safe to use too. Here we have chosen 35 nail polish brands that are safe to use and are trend setter:

35. KonadBest Nail Polish Brands

34. MACBest Nail Polish Brands

33. IllamasquaBest Nail Polish Brands

32. Deborah LippmannBest Nail Polish Brands

31. ButterBest Nail Polish Brands

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