40 Beautiful Colorful Hairstyles Ideas For Women 2017

Unique Hair Color Ideas

Coloring your hairs is one of the most followed fashion trend in the world. Not all, but a large portion of population wants their hair to be colored in a unique way. But this remains a hidden desire as most of them get afraid that if it will damage their hairs or may be make them look funny. If you’re one such fashion lover who wants to get her hair colored then we have got some brilliant ideas for you. First of all blonde, black and red colors are the most common hair colors that are also natural hair color of many people. So if you want to color your hairs from those colors than you should not worry as they will look natural and you will not be bothered by public attention. However, these days people try to go for unique hair colors. Some of the most popular hair colors are Purple hair color and golden hair color. You won’t believe that it was 2004 romance film Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind that gave rise to the orange hair color. In the film Kate Winslet tried as many as half a dozen hair colors.According to the character bio it was all to describe her mood swings and changes. After that many girls tried orange, purple and clementine hair colors. If you’re a beginner i would suggest you to not to color all your hairs in one particular color. Instead color a portion of your hairs in one color and if it suits you and your personality then you can go for a complete hairdo. Here are ideas for Colorful hairstyles:

1. Rainbow Hair Design with Long Straight HairstyleColorful Hairstyles

2. Long Red Straight Hairstyle For Lovely GirlColorful Hairstyles

3. Lydia Hearst Long Wavy and Curly Hair with Color Hairstyle IdeasColorful Hairstyles

4. Katy Perry Multi Color Long Hair in Braid Wrapped Ponytail HairstyleColorful Hairstyles

5. Rihanna Medium Wigs Hair and Straight Bangs With Red Color Hair LookColorful Hairstyles

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