50 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles For Women in 2017

Awesome Short Hairstyle for Women

Short Hairstyle for women is actually a daring style. This is because since the dawn of the human being women have not tried short hairstyles. It was not until the early 20th century that women actually tried the shorter hairstyles. It was a very bold move the first short hairstyle was worn by an American women in the early 1900s. After that Short hairstyles for women became a trend. Earlier women were afraid to have very short hairstyle but later on a lot of remodeling was done. Thus women were able to have short bob hairstyle, short curly hairstyle and even short hairstyles with bangs. With the dawn of 21st century, trendy short hairstyles were the new fashion statement among women. A Lot of film actress and female models were trying different and new short hairstyles. A lot of cute short hairstyles were invented since the past century. First of all it is a common misconception that short hairstyles for round faces look odd. Instead a woman with round face will look cooler in short hairstyle. Short hairstyle can go with both thick and thin hair. However most women do not like short hairstyles for thick hair. There is also a new trend of medium short hairstyle. Here is 50 awesome pictures of Short hairstyles. These are the list of popular short hairstyle. You will find short hairstyle for older women too.

1. Jennifer Lawrence Choppy Blonde Hairstyle With Heart Face Shape Short Hair LookShort Hairstyles For Women

2. Jennifer Hudson Short Black Hair with Pink Lip Haircut Look. And Beautiful Pink LipstickShort Hairstyles For Women

3. Anne Hathaway Beautiful Short Quiff HairstylesShort Hairstyles For Women

4. Michelle Williams Short Latest Punk Hairstyles IdeasShort Hairstyles For Women

5. Short Hair with Undercut Celebrity Hairstyles. Most Beautiful Women Miley Cyrus with Undercut Hair LookShort Hairstyles For Women

6. Charlize Theron Formal Gorgeous Short Hairstyle. This is Trendy Short Haircut IdeaShort Hairstyles For Women

7. Nora Zehetner Lovely Short Formal Hairstyle Inspire to GirlsShort Hairstyles For Women

8. Jennie Garth Awesome Punk Blonde HaircutShort Hairstyles For Women

9. Carey Mulligan Pretty Look Short HairstyleShort Hairstyles For Women

10. Ginnifer Goodwin Black Colored Messy HairstyleShort Hairstyles For Women

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