55 Best Lipstick Brands of All Time 2017

Best Lip Stick Brands

It is very interesting to know that the lipstick fashion was actually invented and wore by asian men around 5000 years ago. However later on the lipstick fashion got limited to women only. Not every one was interested in coloring lips as lips were considered soft and sensitive part. However as the fashion of lipstick entered the royal families of ancient times, people got more interested in coloring lips. As the process of making lipstick and the content used in lipstick making were dangerous so the use and popularity of lipstick remained limited for centuries. It was not until the textile and industry revolution in the 18th century that companies actually took lipstick market seriously. The process for making lipstick changed decade after decades until the safest lipstick content was not discovered. By 20th century Lipstick became one of the must have make-up content of every women. Actresses like Elizabeth taylor and Marilyn monroe also made lipstick popular among girls and women. Earlier the shades of lipstick were limited and one of the most popular shade was dark red. But later on many shades were introduced. Have you ever wondered what are the best Lipstick brands of all time? Here is a list of 55 best Lipstick brands that are safe to use:

55. L A COLORSBest Lipstick Brands

54. ILIABest Lipstick Brands

53. KocoBest Lipstick Brands

52. InglotBest Lipstick Brands

51. The Lip BarBest Lipstick Brands

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